MIKIMOTO PEARLS - Spring Window Displays


Film Flies is proud to have created and supplied 50 realistic honeybees seen in 2009 spring window displays at Mikimoto Pearls Manhattan and Beverly Hills locations. The displays look gorgeous!

With over a century of rich tradition, Mikimoto has affirmed its status as the world’s most prestigious name in cultured pearls.


Mikimoto Pearls Manhattan store front, Spring 2009

Mikimoto window displays, 5th Avenue, Manhattan and Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills


Mikimoto honeybees and honeycomb

Mikimoto honeybees

Mikimoto, The originator of cultured pearls, since 1893


Buy pearls for your honey

Buy your honey some of the world finest pearls


Mikimoto bee and honey

Happy Bee


Mikimoto NY window display, gorgeous pearls, honey and realistic bees

Realistic bees in action


Manhattan pedestrians curious to know, are the honeybees real, or not?

Are they real???

made "Plump & Cute" as requested


Realistic Bees