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amazing life-size reproductions, each individually hand made

Film Flies specializes in design, fabrication and rental of realistic insect replicas for filming, photography, and advertising. Realistic detailed insects are time consuming to create, and typically not available for purchase.

Film Flies - realistic insect props have solved a number of logistical problems for Hollywood film studios including Disney, Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures, Warner Brothers, Columbia Pictures, HBO, Netflix, NBC Universal Television,...


Professional service and attention to detail are the cornerstones of this progressive and innovative company

Monarch life cycle made for Chicago Med

Monarch lifecycle custom made for Chicago Med 2023


Film Flies makes the most realistic, lifelike insect props available for the motion picture industry

Most any species can be replicated with exquisite detail

Film Flies provides Prompt, Courteous and Professional Service...

Species include: Realistic houseflies, bees, wasps, yellow jackets, spiders, butterflies, cockroaches, mosquito's, bedbugs, crickets, beetles, grasshoppers, dragonflies, mayflies, stoneflies, caddis flies, ants, termites, scorpions, arachnids, maggots, horse flies, centipedes, millipedes, inch-worms, caterpillars, weevils, etc, as well as salamanders, small turtles, crayfish, slugs, etc...

Select Clients include Paramount Pictures, Warner Brothers, Disney, Universal Pictures, HBO, Relativity Media,



realistic honey bees props for filming

realistic Honey Bee props made for Disney's Jungle Cruise, rented numerous times thereafter


four super detailed realistic hand made Wasps props for filming und photography

durable life like realistic wasp props


realistic fake mosquito props with and without blood

fake mosquito props - with and without blood filled bodies


Gorgeous realistic Blue Morpho butterfly replicas in flight

Beautiful durable Butterfly props


Rainbow colored artificial butterfly props

Iridescent Butterfly props


Insect Art- red centipedes with rainbow butterflies and a brown beetle

Putting the Art in Artificial


realistic artificial detailed house fly props

housefly props for filming - Breaking Bad - season 3, episode 10, "Fly"


swarm of realistic housefly props

Flies for Orange Is The New Black


Artificial honeybee replica props

Honeybee props


realistic fake props Australian Paralysis Ticks

Australian Paralysis Ticks


Realistic Wolf Spiders on my finger tips

Cute and Creepy Spiders


Cockroach props hand made extraordinary fine detail and realism

Cockroach props - realistic life size - perfect for filming, up close....


tiny baby cockroach props each hand made detailed replicas

cute baby cockroaches :)


Realistic life size cockroach replica props

Feeding the Pests - larger - life size realistic cockroach props



Cockroaches - Props


LED Illuminated realistic Fireflies lightning bug props

Firefly Props


Realistic LED illuminated fireflies - lightning bugs

life size deatailed Camel Spider prop for filming

life size detailed Camel Spider


camel spider replica

another Camel Spider



realistic Camel Spider prop


artificial butterfly props for filming

Colorful durable butterflies


realistic blue morpho butterfly prop artificial monarch butterfly prop mounted on thin stiff wire

thin stiff wires can be inserted into insect props for secure placement

rare Spotted Rihanna butterfly

Iridescent green butterflies - rare and beautiful Spotted Rihanna butterfly


Realistic life size fake detailed bumble bee replica models

Bumblebees made for the film "Snow White - Mirror Mirror"



realistic beautiful Blue Morpho butterfly replicas

Iridescent Blue Morpho Butterfly replicas


Tiger Swallowtail butterfly replicas and a gold Bishops cross

Swallowtail butterfly replicas - hand painted tear proof wings


realistic green dragonflies chasing a housefly

Swarm of hungry dragonflies


realistic green salamander replica with a beautiful green dragonfly

Hungry Green Salamander and Dragonfly replicas - with bendable bodies


box full or detailed beetle replicas

Box of Beetles


artificial Flying Beetle props

Beetles in flight


realistic beetles in flight with wings spread - props

Beetle Props - closer view


Realistic Bees

Realistic Honeybees - tear proof wings are exceptionally durable

April 2009 - spring window displays - Mikimoto Pearls - 5th Ave New York and Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills


realistic life size iridescent green beetles and housefly

Stare Down - green beetle and housefly replicas

Brad Pitt was filmed holding realistic houseflies in a honey jar, in the movie "Benjamin Button"


hollow body spider prop for the movie Salt

One of the spiders made for the movie "Salt", with hollow fluid-filled abdomen,
to film Angelina Jolie extracting fluids with a needle and syringe



Spiders made for The Amazing Spiderman

Spiders made for "The Amazing Spiderman" - Sony Pictures


Amazing Spiderman spider in vial

Tiny Spiderman spider in vial


praying mantis props

bendable Praying Mantis props

Realistic Moths

212 realistic moths created for Adam Sandler's movie "Grown Ups"


realistic African Tsetse Flies created for a new Cartoon channel TV series

Realistic African Tsetse Fly replicas, created for the Cartoon Network - Bug Props


realistic Blow Fly

Realistic black Blow Fly - A number of them were featured in Law & Order SVU season 3

realistic fake mosquito replicas

Realistic Asian Mosquitoes created for a Capital One TV commercial


realistic daddy longlegs, crane fly

Custom Hybrid Daddy Longlegs (Crane fly) & Mosquito, one of ten created for a Time Warner Cable TV commercial


Fake realistic Vinegaroon beetle prop

Realistic Vinegaroon Beetle, one of five for the Cartoon Network


realistic fake Vinegaroon beetle scorpion replica with internal wires to allow for leg and claw movement

Scorpion Beetles, one with four 1mm hollow brass tubes inside, with wire extensions leading to the front claws and feeler legs, exiting the rear of the scorpion, allowing for puppeteering front end motion, filmed peeking out of a box


Realistic Slugs created for Columbia Pictures, one is 1/2" in length, the other is one inch long

Realistic Slugs created for Universal Pictures "Little Fockers"


realistic fake replica Orb Weaver Spider made for the movie Salt

Realistic Orb Weaver spider - Columbia Pictures - Salt - Abdomen is hollow and watertight
Unfortunately this photo doesn't show the fully detailed spider, it was shipped before re-photographing


pair of realistic caterpillars for a Dr Pepper TV commercial

Realistic Caterpillars created for a Dr Pepper TV commercial


Beautiful yellow butterfly replica, one of thirty made for Ingo Maurer Spazio Krizia 2011 display in the Spazio Krizia in Milano Italy for 2011 design week

Glowing Yellow Butterfly Replica


amazingly detailed blue butterflies dancing in air

Dancing in Air - Amazingly detailed butterflies


Gorgeous realistic butterflies, beetles and salamanders on display

Realistic Butterflies in Inventory


Vibrant orange and pick butterfly replicas

Vibrant Orange and Pink Butterflies

Realistic Hexagenia Limbata mayfly created on a fishing hook to allow this insect to be pinned onto a twig

Options include:

Internal magnet, pin or hook, for quick secure positioning, allowing for compressed-air wing-motion

Flexible and bendable wire core, allowing for posing and animating

1mm Hollow core, allowing for flight down a wire

Sponge filled body cavities, for filming fluid extraction with needle and syringe

Hollow bugs, that squirt fluid when stepped or stomped on



Bugs Work for Advertising

Moosejaw Mountaineering catalog features Bugs from Film Flies

Moosejaw Mountaineering catalog photo featuring Film Flies realistic bugs

Moosejaw rented an assortment of 40 different insects for their fall 2009 advertising and catalog

realistic red spider with a fake fly replica

Spider fly replicas


realistic camel sand spider

Sand Spider

Realistic artistic camel spider

Creepy and Colorful Camel Spider


Realistic housefly props, same as fly in TV show Breaking Bad season 3 episode 10 Fly

Houseflies made for the movie Cirque du Freak


artificial centipede props and fake insects


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